I try really hard to take myself seriously....but it seriously doesn't work.

  I'm kind unique & kinda quirky. If a good song comes on, you'll find me singing or dancing. If I could eat candy or chips for a meal I would (and probably have). I love bad puns. the color red, football, shoes, Mickey Mouse, room service and photography.

  I am the creative, meticulous, ambitious type and my life has always leaned to the artistic side. My mother put a camera in my hands at a very young age. My photography life started with shooting football. About 14 years ago I found that I could not put the camera down. In 2011, tonia johnston photography was born.

   I believe in giving back, hard work & making people feel good. I have found that I can do that through the lens of my camera. I found that I can lift people up, show them what other's see that they may not see for themselves. 

  When your dream is bigger than you, big things will happen. I know this to be true. I'm doing just that.

  "Tonia is not only an extremely talented photographer that captured the personality of my daughter in a picture, she is also very funny and makes your shoot a blast! She is very creative and laid back while being professional and organized, which I so appreciate...I do not have time to waste and she respects that. I look forward to having my other two kids photograph with Tonia when they are seniors too! Top Notch!" - Elizabeth M.