feel free to be you

January 28, 2016

  tjp affirmation cardtonia johnston photography affirmation card

Since I have opened my business I have found that the one thing I struggle with the most is branding. I have always believed that I am my brand but I never wanted my business to be about me. So I focused on colors, made sure my service was stellar, made things pretty, wrote thank you notes and thought I was ok. 

 In November, I came across an article that made me realize that I was doing it all wrong. My brand is more than pretty bows and coordinating thank you notes, my brand is my story. I get it now. It was the missing link.

  I put my story out there once...a long time ago... when I thought I'd be photographing women...buried in my blog. I knew women could relate so I didn't mind saying the words. Over the years, my story has not changed but my clients are now 20 years younger than the women I had started with.  I think the clients I have had over the years (women and teens) could probably tick off the correct answer on a pop quiz if asked to guess what my story is all about. But that isn't the same as saying the words. So what stopped me?

  I've thought about this for a couple of months now and the only answer that keeps coming back to me is fear. I've been afraid that my seniors would find me too sentimental, to emotional, too serious. So I would touch on the subject and run away without coming out and saying what I truly feel. Really, it makes no sense.

  My brand cannot be MY brand without MY story - my "why." I believe that you attract what you put out in the world and I've got nothing but love for you. So here we go...my story:

  I believe that everyone is different and has a unique voice. I believe everyone has a story. I want to hear it.

  Maybe you are quirky, fun, outgoing, shy or quiet. Maybe you are a reader, a musician, a future movie producer, sports star, singer or actor. I believe you should be able to have a senior session that includes what you love and shows who you are.

  I believe that we are all worthy of feeling pampered, beautiful, handsome, happy and should take the time to celebrate ourselves. I believe that there comes a time in life when we have to fully accept ourselves and know who we are and what we believe in and that there is no better time than by the end of your senior year. 

  When you step in front of my camera I see that you are gorgeous, confident, powerful, unique, important, courageous and together, we can create images that tell your story. When you walk away from tonia johnston photography, I want you to be able to see what I see...that you are perfect the way you are.

  Feel free to be you..