sports package


package includes 2 hours of game time, up to 30 images for an individual player.

For me,  football is about so much more than winning and loosing. I see it as being full of life lessons. I see an interception or fumble recovery as being in the right place at the right time, taking an advantage of an opportunity that has been given to you or that you made on your own. I see penalties – sometimes you’re going to screw up, get told about (sometimes more public than you’d like) but you get to try again. You may have to take two steps back, but you still have that opportunity to reach your goal.

I also see beauty in the the game. I love the speed and the agility, the crunch of pads during a good hit. If I could take away the sound from the crowd once the ball is snapped and hear nothing but the game I’d be in Heaven. Audibles, players in motion,  cleats, running, the pop of pads, the whistle. The action is why a fan watches, it’s what the photographer strives to capture.

As much as I like to get the tackle, the touchdown, the movement off the ball – I adore shooting the in between moments. The things people missed because the play has not started or is just over and they’ve looked at the scoreboard, celebrated or commiserated with the person next to them. I love seeing a player show nothing but raw emotion – joy, excitement, intensity It’s all a part of football that often gets overlooked…but not by me.