tonia johnston photography | Cooper - teamtjp junior model | Gilbert, mesa

Cooper - teamtjp junior model | Gilbert, mesa

October 10, 2014

high school teen in the water. Mesa, Arizona portraits Cooper is no stranger to my camera. I have shot him in action on the football field as well as a brother session a couple years ago. He was easy to get along with then add still is.

Mesa Arizona portrait photography Cooper is my preppy guy. He has a great sense of style, likes to shop and knows how to put an outfit together.

Cooper plays football and lacrosse and is going to try to do track this year as well. I'm looking forward to being able to catch him in action again on any of the fields he's on. Interesting fact about Cooper - he's learning how to play the Ukulele. DSC_2709DSC_2709

When we were done with his session he had the, "that's it?" look on his face. He, like most of my senior guys, actually enjoy the experience and I can't wait to get him back in front of the camera!

Guy on the stairs in a green shirt. Mesa Arizona