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Dylan - teamtjp junior model | Chandler Az

October 06, 2014

DSC_2144DSC_2144 Dylan - class of 2016 Hamilton High School junior and tjp model.

I have "kind of" known Dylan for a couple of years. I say "kind of" because we never actually met but I have plenty of pictures of this guy. I was the sideline photographer at the high school and he is the kicker for the football team. When I received his application I was a little worried that he came to me because of football and would be dissappointed and run once he found out I was not shooting football this year. But that wasn't the case. He and his family have supported me for the past few years and they continue to. For that, I am extremely grateful.


Dylan is quiet but you can tell that he's a thinker, an analyzer. He sizes you up. There is definitely something going on behind the eyes and I can appreciate that because I do the same thing. He is one people should worry about because he will have a situation figured out before anyone else can catch up to him.

He is a fabulous kicker for the Varsity Hamilton Football team. He also plays varsity soccer and club soccer. He has an eclectic taste in music and is hoping to go to college to play one of the two sports he loves.

I am so happy that Dylan and his family are a part team tjp. I know he's going to do great!

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