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my breaking heart

April 12, 2013

Dear World - please STOP!

This craziness that's going on has got to stop. I'm not understanding where we are at or where we are going and that scares me. I feel like we are stuck in some strange cartoon where a shadow evil is creeping up from the depths of hell and stealing our children, blinding the adults and there is no good guy to come save us.

Our girls are being taken advantage of in the worst ways possible and our boys are the ones doing it. I see no reason why 14 and 15 year old boys and girls are going to 14 and 15 year old parties, getting drunk, raping and being raped. Images and videos are being posted on social media as if it's ok. It's not ok. None of it is ok.

What are we doing? I am scared to death for my children. I am afraid when they go outside to play. I am afraid when my daughter wants to go to the park. I am nervous when my 17 year old walks out the door. As smart as my kids are I am terrified that some evil will snatch them off the street in front of the house - so my two younger ones can only go out in pairs.

I realize I am over-protective. However, I also realize that evil no longer comes in the form of old men handing out candy or asking for help finding their lost puppies. It comes in the form of someone we know. Someone we trusted. And now our kids. Our CHILDREN'S friends!

10 year olds are taking weapons into schools in order to kill kids they don't like or have been giving them a hard time. 10 year olds! Innocents are being slaughtered in places where they should be safe.

I often wonder if the world has actually changed or if things have always been this way since the beginning and we just hear about it more because of social media and the ability to have up to date information at all times. Maybe I'm just more aware of it since I became a parent and no longer look at the world through rose colored glasses.

What I do know -  I know we have to start raising men and women. I know we have to teach our kids to be aware when they are away from home. And I know that I am tired of my heart breaking for these girls who are being raped then "slut shamed" online, for the boys who are raping not realizing that they are destroying more than one life and for families who kiss their kids goodbye in the morning for them to be killed while at school. I know that this madness has got to stop.